What to expect

What does an appointment with Dr. Morton look like? It really depends on the patient and the issue they come in with, but here is a general flow of visits and treatment plans.

Before you come in, you will need to fill out an intake form that goes a lot more in depth than your standard form at an MD’s office. We are much more thorough with the information that we gather, so please arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of time to fill this out.

In the first appointment, Dr. Morton will go over your intake form to address the chief complaints and also ask a number of other questions related to your health history. First appointments generally run about 1 hour, giving you plenty of time to discuss different body systems, family history, mental health, lifestyle factors, digestion and much more. This first appointment is a great opportunity for you to ask Dr. Morton any questions you have about your health, Naturopathic Medicine and voice any concerns that you have.

During the first appointment, there will likely be a brief physical and orthopedic exam. Additionally, if there is time, some sort of treatment- maybe some acupuncture or a spinal adjustment will be performed. You may or may not be sent home with a diet diary, a nutrition plan, lab requisitions, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications or supplements if they are needed.

The second appointment checks in to see how your condition has changed, provide treatment and devise a plan. The follow-up is important because it gives Dr. Morton time to look over your case and lab work, do some research and come up with a custom treatment plan that may include intravenous (IV) therapy, injection therapy (prolotherapy), in-depth nutrition, acupuncture, spinal adjustments and botanical medicine. This is your chance to fine-tune the treatment to fit you best and help you achieve your best life.