Movember! And WTF is a prostate?

Moustaches- making knees tremble and hearts swoon since time immemorial. They've been found on famous faces throughout history and although lately they've been a staple for that guy wearing a bowtie pretending to read Thus Spoke Zarathustra, sipping an IPA he doesn't actually like, they still carry immense power. Especially in November. 

That's right. We are nearly one week into that glorious month where everyone is encouraged to grow a moustache, regardless of ability, for a good cause. Whether you choose to grow one this year, donate to a friend's Movember efforts or just don't dump your significant other for their attempt, I applaud you.

Men's health is something that is under the radar and that is mostly our (men's) own doing. We don't talk about it. We tell you everything is OK. We tough it out. We keep it hidden. For these reasons, I love Movember. We bring up issues that in the past were taboo or men got made fun of for bringing up. I am especially excited about the way Movember has evolved- conversations are being started about prostate and testicular cancer, men's mental health and physical activity. It's become a multi-faceted approach to helping men live happier and healthier lives, which is a beautiful thing. I encourage everyone to check out the Movember Foundation's website to learn more. 

Now, there's something to quickly discuss as I feel like even though the prostate is acknowledged in this campaign, some people still aren't entirely sure what this wonderful little gland does. I feel like lots of people remember this scene from Road Trip a few years ago, but that's about it in terms of the prostate. 

First let's take a look at where the prostate is:

A nice picture from the US National Cancer Institute showing the prostate's location

A nice picture from the US National Cancer Institute showing the prostate's location

Secondly, what does this walnut-sized gland do? It secretes an alkaline, milky-white substance when men ejaculate that makes up about 30% of semen's volume. The fluid helps neutralize against a vagina's acidity, giving sperm a longer life and better motility. The secretion has a variety of enzymes in it as well that help make semen thinner and ensure sperm motility. Another function it serves is to tighten it's sphincter connecting to the bladder, ensuring no urine is released during ejaculation. 

Later on we'll cover what can happen to a man's prostate as he ages and what sort of preventative measure can be taken, but that will do it for today.

Before you go, check out my team's Movember page! The Boucher Mo Bros are in their inaugural year and would love your support! Anything helps! Donate to to us or anyone else fundraising, it all goes to the same place for a great cause. Thanks so much!